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IFRENCHIE LED Bicycle Wheel Accessory Light for 2 Wheel - Orange

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Product Details

IFRENCHIE LED Bike Lights are popular valentine's gifts for him! Very popular gifts for women and kids of all ages. Your bicycle will turn heads, FOR SURE! Each box lights 2 wheel. Get Ready to Ride in Style!
Look cool with IFRENCHIE bicycle led lights
Gain increased visibility from all directions
Safer in low light conditions
Bicycle wheel lamps have two modes - normal lighting and flashing
Easy installation and removal. No tools needed!
Package Content: Light for 2 wheel
Lights up the ORANGE color!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Nala's Mom
It works and is great

For the money, I don't see why anyone in an environment with lower light generally would *not* buy at least an item like this. Now as for this item particularly, I have to agree with other reviewers in that:-Its a great little device and actually does work. The first night after using it I slept so much better and was able to turn out my night lights I usually keep on because my body felt for the first time I guess like I had "gotten enough" light. For whatever reason, it worked.-The buttons for the settings are not placed in the best spot requiring a bit of squinting etc to change when you are using the device.-What you get for the price is quite astounding. It really is a "life hack." It's funny how many Ohio-specific reviews there are for this device, but also being from Ohio with lots of cloudy weather, this device is a no brainier and I'd recommend it to anyone.Also:-I like the stand it comes with-I like that this light goes up to 15k lux which is helpful for me because I believe I am quite natural light starved because of my life situation at the moment as well.-the charging cable is too short for my liking. I wish it was closer to 6 ft in length.Overall, I'd recommend this especially if you are primarily living indoors and especially in a place that gets a fair amount of cloudy/overcast days.

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