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IFRENCHIE LED Bicycle Wheel Accessory Light for 2 Wheel, Color-Changing

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Product Details

IFRENCHIE LED Bike Lights are popular Christmas gifts & Stocking Stuffers for kids, women and men of all ages. Your bicycle will turn heads, FOR SURE! Each box lights 2 wheel. Get Ready to Ride in Style! Only available on Walmart. Bike wheel lights led waterproof design. Don’t need to worry about the bike tire lights will be damaged when riding in rainy days, but it can not be soaked in water.
Look cool with IFRENCHIE bicycle led lights
Gain increased visibility from all directions
Safer in low light conditions
Bicycle wheel lamps have two modes - normal lighting and flashing
Easy installation and removal. No tools needed!
Package Content: Light for 2 wheel
Choose your own color!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Doesn't feel like 15k lux, but pretty great regardless

Sorry for the long video review but I am comparing this lamp to 2 other ones and I hope it answers all your questions.This is a very good lamp, and works as advertised, I particularly like the ability to change light temperature and of course brightness levels, I'm not a fan of the on light button personally and it is not as bright as either of the 10k lux or the other 15k lux I tested and compared to.I planned to use this as a wake up light as my bedroom is very dark in the mornings and I have a sleep condition for which direct sunlight or a very bright light in the morning helps. Unfortunately, they don't have a turn on timer and testing with a smart plug doesn't turn the lamp back on (nor any of the other two tested). Hope this helped.

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