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IFRENCHIE LED Bicycle Wheel Accessory Light for 2 Wheel - Red

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Product Details

IFRENCHIE LED Bike Lights are popular Christmas gifts & Stocking Stuffer! Very popular gifts for women and kids of all ages. Your bicycle will turn heads, FOR SURE! Each box lights 2 wheel. Get Ready to Ride in Style!
Look cool with IFRENCHIE bicycle led lights
Gain increased visibility from all directions
Safer in low light conditions
Bicycle wheel lamps have two modes - normal lighting and flashing
Easy installation and removal. No tools needed!
Package Content: Light for 2 wheel
Lights up the RED color!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Fitfirst Light Therapy Lamp, 15000 Lux helped me with SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

I live in Ohio it has been overcast since the beginning of October to the present day 01/14/2023 and just 9 hours of daylight at its shortest point. I was starting down a path of lethargy wanting to sleep till 10 or later. I could not handle that by the time I woke had my coffee made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen then myself it would be 1pm. So this brings me to the Fitfirst Light Therapy Lamp, 15000 Lux Simulated Sunlight, 3 Color Temperature & 4 Brightness Setting The first day I used it I woke up at 6 am and used it for 10 minutes and I seemed to feel really good throughout the day I was able to get myself going and get some things accomplished not like the previous days where I was struggling just to take a shower ( SAD seasonal affective disorder). I have been using the light every morning for a couple weeks I have been able to wake up at 6/7 am everyday and the first thing I do is turn on the light anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes while I drink my coffee. I believe this light has helped this light has a built in timer at 10 minute interval up to 60 minutes it also has 3 color temperature settings and a control for brightness in addition to that it take up very little space on the counter as you can see in the picture alongside the ruler.

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