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For wholesale inquiries, please fill out the form below and allow 5 business days for a representative to contact you. Thanks!

About Us

Phone:  561.962.2831
Customer Care Hours: Monday-Friday 9-5 EST. 
Opening Order: $500 minimum
Reorder: $300 minimum
Payment Terms: Terms are prepaid by credit card on first orders unless approved otherwise by Ankit. 
Freight Terms: All orders ship FedEx Ground Service unless otherwise instructed.
Returns, Claims and Shortages: If a discrepancy is found in shipment, please contact Ankit 
within 2 days of receipt.
Intellectual Property: Use of any mark or image requires prior written consent from Ankit.
Online Retailers: Different conditions may apply if you intend to sell our products online.
If you wish to sell online, you must get our consent and give us notice prior to launching our products online.
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Number of locations:
Appx Opening Order Volume (Total Units):
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